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Go to Deskle


Online whiteboard for remote collaboration and distance learning.

ndless screen and a set of tools for solving various tasks. With its help, you can organize distance learning in a few clicks, build a process of joint work on a project, brainstorm or present a business plan to an investor. Online whiteboards provide a rich set of opportunities for IT product teams, marketers, developers, designers, analysts, freelancers and educators....


Go to NullBox


NullBox is an email forwarding service, protecting the privacy of your inbox with disposable email aliases.

the privacy of your inbox with disposable email addresses. NullBox acts as a protective shield for your inbox. NullBox lets you create disposable email addresses (Boxes), all email sent to a Box is forwarded to your actual email address (Forward Address). With NullBox you can keep your existing inbox without needing to give out your real email address, allowing it to remain safe and private....


Go to Maralytics


Maralytics helps business owners make sure that every dollar they spend on advertising generates more revenue for the business.

lution that helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts. It will assist you in launching smarter and more effective marketing campaigns that are based on actual data, thereby eliminating the need for any guesswork. This enables you to focus on spending only on what works and what succeeds, eventually leading you to increase your return on investment. Improve all your marketing campaigns by getting actual ROI results and get these benefits: Successful Strategies – Launch smarter and more effective marketing campaigns Accurate Data – Sales from any marketing campaign are directly imported to the platform Improved ROI – Focus on spending marketing dollars only on what works and what succeeds Profitable Marketing Dollar Spend – more customers and sales for the same or less investment Features: • Profit per campaign – view profitability of every campaign by automatically calculating sales and costs • Sales revenue per campaign – view all sales results that are imported directly from one of our integrated partners and linked to a marketing campaign • Customer acquisition per campaign - view all customer visit results that are imported directly from one of our integrated partners and linked to a marketing campaign • Costs per campaign – view all costs accrued that are linked to a marketing campaign • Customized date reports – all reports can be viewed as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or a date range of your choice • Customized comparison reports – all reports can be viewed by type of media used or offer of the campaign, and can do individual or multiple comparisons • Multiple types of campaigns – all digital, online and offline marketing activity can be tracked and measured You can upload your own results or use one of integrated partners: • Kounta POS • Vend POS • Square POS • Xero Accounting software Capture all data accurately and exactly. The program shows you all of your sales, profit and customer results. These are the only results that really matter in business, as they are directly linked to your cashflow and business performance. When you have this information, you can make decisions much easier; get more customers and sales, for the same or reduced investment. We are currently open to the beta community to road test our software before our official launch, and with extended free trial periods and lifetime discounts on subscriptions. ...

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What Should I Do?

WSID.com is a Q&A social networking site that aids decision-making with real-time polls and allows users to ask "What Should I Do?"

The Trading Game

The Trading Game: your free tool for becoming an expert on trading and markets.


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A new Braille soft keyboard for blind and visually impaired to let them type using Braille language in one hand and one finger


You can now benefit from analytics quickly with the help of our product, AIDA, at prices that won't cost the earth!

PM7 platform

Retain your mobile users for life with a referral program.


Easiest way to create a beautiful website by anyone - Simvoly.


ABii is a desktop-size robot with an accompanying web app that can be utilized with any wifi-enabled device.


Writing platform for everyone

Cloud Campaign

Double your social following by intelligently recycling your top-performing content on social media.

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