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Go to Contractor+


Next Generation App for Field Service Contractors

stimates, Invoices, Post-Inspections, Shopping Lists, Time & Mileage Tracking, True Team Collaboration. Unite your team and GROW your field service business with Contractor+....


Go to Usetiful


Fight user churn with great user onboarding

ools to improve user onboarding, feature adoption, and customer self-service. Product tours, guided walkthroughs, and user onboarding checklist introduce new users into the application, helping to reliably find the "aha" moment. The time-to-value is significantly reduced. Users can notice new features thanks to dynamic tooltips. Interactive tutorials help to get used to the new feature (new version of a feature), contributing to an increase in feature adoption. Customers are less likely to struggle with unknown situations thanks to continual training. If an exception occurs, or a complex business situation requires a user to react, a tool-tip or slideout containing advice can reduce the potential frustration....


Go to NOWPayments


NOWPayments is a crypto payment gateway that lets you accept payments in 50+ cryptocurrencies

way solution that lets you accept online payments in more than 50 currencies. It also offers an exchange feature, which enables merchants to accept any crypto they prefer. The company doesn’t hold any limits, and has the most competitive fees on the market. Its interface is most user-friendly and intuitively clear. This platform also provides merchants with a variety of tools that can make crypto payment processing easier and faster. It features API, instant payment notification, widget, and buttons, as well as plugins for WooCommerce, Opencart, WHMCS and a recently added Magento 2 plugin. This solution is completely custody-free. Therefore, all your payments will be converted to your chosen cryptocurrency and will be instantly transferred to your wallet that only you can have access to....


Go to Hubblu


Switch between your favorite team work apps in just 1 click on desktop

AVORITE team chat, meeting software, project management, and calendars in just 1-Click on your desktop. Hubblu empowers you to: ->Access and switch between all your work apps in just 1-click ->Quickly share what you're working on with your team ->Integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Outlook, Trello, Whereby Jitsi and lot more apps...


Go to Disctopia


A streaming service dedicated to indie artists and podcasters.

e artists, podcasters, and content creatives. Curated content from some of the best Indie creatives in the world. Take back REAL creative control. Achieve TRUE freedom and financial stability with the support of your fans without any commissions. One Flat fee for true integration for all of your fans. All we ask is that you Do your best creative work. Just pure creative content for your fans alike - Not one single Ad Ever!...


Go to Deskle


Online whiteboard for remote collaboration and distance learning.

ndless screen and a set of tools for solving various tasks. With its help, you can organize distance learning in a few clicks, build a process of joint work on a project, brainstorm or present a business plan to an investor. Online whiteboards provide a rich set of opportunities for IT product teams, marketers, developers, designers, analysts, freelancers and educators....

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Everything you need to plan your wedding.


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Online Dating Service for White Men Black Women


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If you are a writer or an editor, copying and pasting images for your content is less of a hassle with ClipClip.

Bitcanopy Security

Hands-off AWS infrastructure security insights and remediation.


We help customers convert their Excel Database into a Online Cloud Database


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