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Fix your email spam problems and make the inbox your only destination folder

ing, spam testing, and maintaining your email deliverability by solving any spam issues. Our goal is to help marketers accelerate their sales by helping them send emails that drive revenue 95% - businesses use email as the main channel of communication 57% - Emails get flagged as spam 300B+ - revenue lost because of the low sending score. Sign up for a 7 days free trial at https://folderly.com/...

JDR Metal Art
JDR Metal Art

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JDR Metal Art

We build incredible custom metal art driveway gates for the entrances to upscale homes, farms, ranches and estates nationwide.

s from many different walks of life. Some are homeowners looking to add a layer of security and protection to their home. Others are the owners of businesses who want to make a brand statement to all who pass by or through the gates. Our goal is to provide every customer with an unbeatable gate buying experience....

Havoc Shield
Havoc Shield

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Havoc Shield

The all-in-one cybersecurity platform for startups and small businesses offering a suite of security tools for companies without a dedicated cybersecurity team.

Havoc Shield Foundations offers products and resources that deliver a layer of protection from hackers trying to steal your data. Penetration testing, Email security, phishing testing and more and tools that are part of the Havoc Shield Foundations Plan. ESQ is a resource to walk through Enterprise Security Questionnaires to help small businesses win new deals when asked to prove their cybersecurity plans meet required standards....


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Your One-Stop-Shop for Email Monetization

ready sending? inboxAds is the fastest-growing email monetization solution in the market that helps publishers maximize revenue through programmatic native ads. Using ads from a rich, curated inventory, the platform leverages the power of AI and advanced personalization algorithms to deliver the right content to the right audience. Registration is free - no strings attached. Happy monetizing!...

Cloud Home Lab
Cloud Home Lab

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Cloud Home Lab

Low cost Nextcloud shared hosting

of provide access to cloud software to everyone. We intend to provide a full range of cloud services at a low cost supported by open source technologies. All our products are based on open source products/solutions and standards. Our first product is Nextcloud shared hosting....




The Swiss Army Knife of Defi Trading Tools

ONE is the swiss Army knife of Defi Trading tools Our first release is a token creation bot called MOONCLONE BOT. Teams can purchase a SAFEMOON clone contract, or a custom tokenomics contract by answering a few questions in the MOONCLONE BOT on Telegram. Tokens are deployed to the wallet that purchased the contract. Instructions are then sent on how to add & lock liquidity, and renounce ownership. TOKENPAY is a telegram payment tool that accepts any cryptocurrency listed on pancakeswap to be accepted for products and services. When purchasing MOONCLONE products & services, tokens are traded into MOONCLONE where 5% is added back to liquidity, and 5% is redistributed to holders. TOKENPAY will be available for integration with any telegram channel! For teams Have a great token idea, or want to launch a project on BSC? Save time and money by using the MOONCLONE BOT! In less than 5 minutes you can have a token deployed to your wallet address for only 1 BNB. After your token is created our entire MOONCLONE community is alerted that your token is created with links to your website and telegram. For traders MOONCLONE community members will get alerts for new tokens, liquidity locks, ownership renounced. Along with a suite of trader tools we are building ...


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The smarter way to save any content on the web.

ontent on the web. It is designed to help you store those endless open tabs in a user- and privacy-friendly way. It’s a space for organizing thoughts, growing knowledge, and sharing the best of the internet with fellow experts, teams, and friends. A social bookmarking tool for everyone, everywhere. Key Features: - Mobile APP iOS & Android available in stores (Knowies) - Browser Extension for Chrome, FireFox & Edge (Opera coming soon) - Personal collections (private or public) - Group communities (private or public) - 100% personalizable homepage - Follow Knowies users - Import bookmarks - Direct & Group chat - Search * not all features are available on our mobile APP We appreciate feedback that can help us improve the platform for our users, feel free to reach out to us....

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