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Keeni Procedures
Keeni Procedures

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Keeni Procedures

Paperless operating procedures for space and beyond.

about Virgin Galactic preparing to go public, have you heard of the 100+ other companies building rockets and payloads that need to get into space? While rocket nerds are good at building rockets, they forget about the most critical part - the testing and launch operations required to get the rocket and/or payloads into space. Thus, they these advanced hardware and manufacturing companies typically resort to legacy paper process because no electronic solution has existed for them to adopt. Until now. Two rocket nerds and former SpaceX engineers partnered with two software engineers to launched Keeni Space - transforming paper procedures and manual processes into streamlined digital workflows for space and beyond. Running critical workflows without a modern solution leaves your teams vulnerable to miscommunication and susceptible to creating human errors. These issues potentially result in unnecessary hazards to hardware and personnel, and can result in expensive failures. Keeni’s electronic procedures can help you reduce these risks. Keeni Space was designed for enterprises requiring electronic process management to launch rockets. However, it can do more than launch rockets. From small businesses to larger enterprises, Keeni makes it easy to digitize your workflows and go paperless with your standard operating procedures. ...


Go to FormAPI


Fill out PDFs with an API

plate editor, and an easy-to-use API. Upload your PDF template, drag-and-drop your fields, and then submit JSON to our API to fill out the PDF with your data. Features: - PDF Template Editor: No need to tweak x and y in your editor. Drag-and-drop fields using FormAPI's visual template editor, then set data types and conditions. - Schema Validation: Every template comes with a JSON Schema. API requests are validated against this schema, so you'll never leave a field blank by mistake. - Online Forms: Fill out a web form to generate a PDF. Embed a form on your own website. Easily fill out fields with random data to test your template....




The Logo Maker For Your Business

just seconds. Design principles do not change over time, the wheel isn't constantly reinvented. We are convinced that professional logo design can be automated by using complex algorithms to imitate the way how designers think. This is what we do and what sets us apart from other logo maker tools. Unlimited Possibilities: Your logo will be unique. A huge font library, hundreds of different patterns and over 300 pantone colors result in a nearly infinite number of combinations. Our libraries are regularly updated to increase diversity and improve quality constantly. Automated Design: Design principles do not change over time. The wheel isn't constantly reinvented. We are convinced that professional logo design can be automated. That's what we do. We automate the way how designers think....


Go to Stream


Activity feed and chat APIs for custom applications

ld scalable newsfeeds, activity streams, chat and messaging in a few hours instead of weeks. Save months of development headache and focus on what makes your app unique. Stream helps you build scalable feeds, activity streams & chat. Stream’s simple, powerful APIs are used by some of the largest and most popular apps for feeds and chat. Save months of development headache and focus on what makes your app unique. ...


Go to weeklystocktip


Usually analyzing and investing in stocks is a full-time job. We believe there has to be an easier way for everyday people to invest their money smarter than your average bank or ETF.

90% win rate. We’ve spent over 14 years building a system so you can spend your time enjoying life rather than looking at financial statements and reading business news every day.
 You’re in full control We believe in transparency and everyone should be in full control of their own investments and assets. That’s why we’ll never ask for your bank details or hold a single penny of your money. You are in full control every step of the way.

 It’s stupid simple to use. Why is investing still so hard? We want to change that. Once you sign up you are already looking at this week’s signal. If you want to buy it, you simply do so with your own bank or broker. Then go order yourself a cup of coffee while other investors spend 80+ hour weeks analyzing charts with mediocre results....


Go to Mirajobs


Anonymous Job Search Platform

get a pay bump at your current position! Post an Anonymous Profile at Mirajobs and let top IT employers apply to you. Only reveal your identity to the best proposals. Get a better job or negotiate a higher salary while having a backup. Free for job seekers, and will always be. Mirajobs allows IT specialists to search for a new job safely and efficiently. A job seeker posts an anonymous profile. A recruiter applies and describes the proposed job. If a job seeker is interested, they reveal their identity and contact details. For IT recruiters, search our database of IT professionals and contact the candidates you are interested in. Once the candidate approves your invitation, get in touch with them and process their application. Hire the best professionals. For tech jobseekers, post your anonymous profile, emphasizing your relevant skills for various career paths. When IT recruiters apply to you, decide whether or not to reveal your contact details. It's one hundred percent free....


Go to Ampfluence


Instagram Growth Agency - Amplify Your Influence

d on growing your account. Let our team handle the time-consuming and mundane tasks required to gain new followers and more engagement from your target audience. Ampfluence is the only legitimate Instagram Growth Agency that is staffed with actual team members who manage each client's account without using any bots or software. Did we mention we never use bots or automation? Whereas almost every other provider in the market is using bots, scripts, or automation software to grow your account and offer ridiculous growth, our team is 100% compliant with Instagram's terms of service. We're an agency that believes in doing things the right way. Don't risk your account with those other shady providers....


Go to MapPost


Save location-based content on your own personal map

ss while browsing the web. Destinations that excite your interest, but that you have no good way to keep track of. You’ve read articles about a great restaurant, bookstore, shop, gallery or destination, that you’d love to visit. You’ve saved it, written it down, or committed it to memory. But you can never find it again or remember the details, when you want it. MapPost is here to help. Have those articles and locations at your fingertips, where and when you need them. MapPost does this by pinning the articles containing location-based content to a personal map for you, at the geographical locations described in the articles. This just makes sense as the best way to save location-based content. These locations and motivating articles are available at your fingertips, with just of couple of clicks, on your own personal map....

Vapor Shop Direct CBD
Vapor Shop Direct CBD

Go to Vapor Shop Direct CBD

Vapor Shop Direct CBD

Premium CBD Oils at an affordable price

ed products to the UK, including CBD Oils, Vape Liquid, Edibles, Capsules and more. Find a selection of top brand products sourced across the World including CBD FX, Harmony and Love CBD. Online ordering is made simple, with free shipping on your purchase of £20 or more. If you have any queries concerning CBD, our sales assistants are here to help Monday to Saturday....

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