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InfoLobby is an online business data management and team collaboration platform that's blazingly fast, super secure, highly flexible, and has a high performant built-in automation engine.

d team collaboration platform. Build tables for data with simple drag & drop and spread those tables over workspaces so that users can have access to only those tables they should. Assign tasks to users and manage your delegated tasks easily. Email is built-in so you can communicate with external contacts on your individual records. The built-in automation engine is super powerful and fast. You can leverage the automation engine to modify your data, send emails, create PDF's, interact with any oAuth2 API, and much more. The application works flawlessly in modern web browsers on any sized device, from your phone to your desktop. Unlike similar platforms, pricing is tiered by user role, so you don't have to pay a fortune for all those regular users who only input occasional data....


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Automated AI code reviews and real-time error log observability

t assists developers in identifying and fixing errors in their codebase by scanning through code reviews and error logs with real-time resolutions. Our unique technology offers contextual insights, code quality metrics, and error monitoring to help developers focus on building rather than fixing....


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Plug & Play AI Marketing Team

that helps businesses quickly and flexibly activate their marketing campaigns. We use AI technology to: 1. Develop cross-channel marketing campaigns for any company event or objective. 2. Create and schedule multimedia activities across various marketing channels. 3. Automatically optimize ads and predict future performance....

Koop Technologies
Koop Technologies

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Koop Technologies

A trusted preventive insurance platform for tech companies, from day-one startups to enterprises.

r tech companies, from day-one startups to enterprises. Business insurance is either hard to find or very expensive for tech companies, which are new and unproven risks in the eyes of traditional insurance carriers. As a result, tech companies can't satisfy contractual requirements from customers and investors and have to spend precious resources on overpriced insurance policies. Koop fixes that problem by helping tech companies become better risks through preventive controls and contractual compliance, all easily done on the platform. Get market-leading insurance coverage, implement SOC 2- and ISO-certified risk controls, and track all contractual requirements in one place while unlocking insurance discounts of 30%+ to help you increase your cash flow! Koop is already trusted by tech companies such as Hyundai, Electric Sheep, Vantage Robotics, and more in 60+ use cases. Get started today or schedule a call to learn more!...


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Grow your audience faster with effortless content management

nt management for creators, offering tools for creation, scheduling, and analytics. The service caters to those looking to optimize their content delivery on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, providing features such as AI-powered content crafting, efficient scheduling, and in-depth performance analysis. Future plans for Postlyy include expanding its feature set and refining its tools to further enhance user experience and effectiveness in content management. This ongoing development is geared towards empowering creators and businesses to reach their audience more effectively and grow their online presence....

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