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Smart Home Management and Security

The Smart Home is here. Your home network is no longer just connecting laptops, smartphones and printers, but also thermostats, security cameras, locks, baby monitors, and even microwaves. All these connected devices are intended to make life easier, but can be riddled with vulnerabilities, inadequate security, and need to be setup and configured.

Today homes are becoming more and more like a small business network and need similar levels of security, maintenance, and support.

Most homeowners don’t have the skills or understanding to manage the complexity of their home technology ecosystems.That's where Axius comes in! Axius provides management and cyber security for your Smart Home through a piece of networking hardware called the “Axius Hub”. We offer full service support for all your devices through a subscription model.

Axius provides smart home management. By creating a fully inclusive service layer for your home, Axius adds support, security and management for homeowners’ IoT devices. We’re not just another device company that will add complexity to your network, we’re the first company to help simplify the entire process of managing your new Smart Home.

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