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We are providing an A.I. travel assistant technology that will replace the travel agent.

At 30SecondsToFly we are building the future of business travel: Our technology Claire is a virtual employee that automates and manages travel for organizations. She is a travel bot embedded into the corporate software ecosystem to track, control and save on travel. At the same time, Claire books policy-compliant trips for employees within seconds and proactively solve any problems that come up during the journey.

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Rytfit.ai is a human capital management platform that empowers leaders to hire, engage and enable their workforce

Rytfit.ai is a powerful human capital management platform for talent management, allowing teams to have more control over their operations like talent search, engagement, hiring, retaining, connecting departments, centralizing requests, and contributing to a better visualization.

The platform is growing rapidly, fueled by an intense market desire for better solutions to manage all your recruiting processes, and organizational and employee data.

Our goal is to provide solutions to the recruitment world’s difficulties and make the entire process simple and enjoyable for decision makers, recruiters, and hiring managers. We made Rytfit.ai fill the recruitment gap with an innovative AI-enabled human capital management platform.

Location: Virginia, United States

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