Albacross Free vs Seed Labs

Albacross Free

Albacross Free
Albacross Free

Unleash your business potential with Albacross by identifying anonymous B2B website visitors and their buying intent

Albacross helps you discover more business opportunities and turn website visitors into buyers, faster.

Gain visibility into the hidden buyer’s funnel by knowing which companies are visiting your website, what interests them most, and their buying intent.

Set your revenue team on autopilot via Albacross’s native integration to your tech tools. Capture demand instantly. Faster sales with fewer touchpoints.

Get started in 2 minutes by installing this (very) simple tracking code and see the X-ray vision of your website visitors.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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Seed Labs

Seed Labs
Seed Labs

Indo is a collaboration tool for companies that use Google’s G Suite (the new name for Google Apps) that makes sharing and discussion easy.

Indo is a collaboration tool for companies that use Google’s G Suite (the new name for Google Apps). It helps organize and manage assets and discussions within the context of teams and projects. It enhances G Suite by removing the clutter, which in a large team can get unruly quickly.

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