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Cloud based legal case management software

Amberlo is a cloud-based case management software for growing law firms. It makes everyday activities – such as managing contacts & cases, organizing documents, time tracking, legal-specific billing and planning daily activities for yourself & colleagues - easier, more secure and more efficient.

Amberlo empowers lawyers to operate profitably, adapt constantly, and grow sustainably. You only need a browser and Internet connection to access your important information at any time, anywhere and on any device.

Manage & grow the law firm you've always dreamed of. Your team Your documents Your matters. All in one place!

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

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An equivalent to Actionscript 3's ByteArray for Javascript with AMF0 and AMF3 support.

ByteArray.js is an implementation of Actionscript 3's ByteArray, but then in pure Javascript. This library supports most of it's features from Actionscript 3. A small goal is to make Actionscript 3 developers switch to a newer platform by supporting a key library. The default length of the buffer is 4096 bytes, but if you want to use more, go ahead, you're a rebel.

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