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Rebuilding the textile status-quo with luxury organic bedding

The first-of-its-kind luxury organic bedding brand in India that provides soft, toxin-free sleep to consumers, a respectable livelihood to farmers and sustainable practices to the environment. Range consists of bed sheets, quilts, duvets, comforters and cushion covers.

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Revisum XR platform for rapid production and distribution of innovative showcases

RevisumXR is the disruptive mixed reality platform for rapid production and distribution of innovative showcases. Get digital reality into good old user environment - and quickly build fun product, retail estate, training, tourist and museums showcases.

Why Revisum XR?
Cut the costs of training your workforce. Cut the travel costs of retail estate agents. Make education materials in an immersive and efficient way. Create new type of interactive and immersive museums - Be own museum curator, enable visitors to chose museum before visiting.

Museum on demand - Create digital museums allowing visitors to select museum setup prior visit. Make 1:N item mapping on physical space. Holograms, Hand triggered item scaling, rotation. Teleports into slices of distant digital realms.

RevisumXR Port - Our mixed reality teleport is innovative solution which allows user wearing mixed reality glasses to observe distant scene in full 360 without losing contact with existing environment.

RevisumXR Interactive installations: Make impact on users with Adaptable UI that takes care about each user, aligning main UI functions with user's height and taking optimal position as user explores space.

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

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