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Boost The News

Boost The News
Boost The News

Promote the right content to the right audience.

Boost the News is a content retargeting platform that enables publishers and brands to cooperate in promoting content. Publishers share their articles with relevant brands using the Boost the News platform. Brands then have the possibility to promote the articles through retargeted online ads.

Boost the News has unique features for two main types of users:

Online publishers come to Boost the News for a new tool to increase traffic and monetize content. They receive a platform that enables them to share their articles with relevant brands (for example, brands that are mentioned in a given article), who then promote the articles.

Through this cooperation with brands, publishers increase their website traffic and ensure their articles are read by as many people as possible. They also monetize content, as for every promoted article they gain revenues.

Brands, on the other hand, see in Boost the News an opportunity to increase the readership of their branded content. They get a platform that enables them to receive articles from publishers, launch retargeted online ad campaign according to the desired duration and budget, and monitor and measure the performance of the ads.

This way, they get more brand visibility and make sure that articles about their brand do not pass unnoticed. They enhance the efficiency of their content marketing efforts with the accuracy of retargeted ads.

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The smartest management platform ever built for startups

Starting a business can be unnecessarily complicated, lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use. That's why we're building an intelligent AI-driven platform that learns your business as you grow whilst providing the tools you need. Welcome to Startable: a revolutionary platform enabling startups and small businesses to manage their business online effectively.

Startable benches an ingenious approach for a business to propel using one management service. The web application has been designed as a new intuitive element of SaaS, whilst beating other on-demand services and disrupting multi-million-pound services. We pride ourselves in time management; providing a solution where our users can focus on the important things while we have everything else covered. Say goodbye to old-fashioned spreadsheets, and say hello to a transformed and evolving way of streamlined business management.

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