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You will love to manage your rentals

BailFacile is an online rental management software based in France aimed to independent landlords in tune with their times.

BailFacile helps independent landlords manage their rental with ease, efficiency, and 100% digitally. We combine powerful tools and human expertise to transform complex situations into delightful moments for our customers.

Location: Paris, France

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Citizen Seven

Citizen Seven
Citizen Seven

AI-superconnector of travellers & locals based on personality to enable unique local experiences between them

Citizen Seven scientifically matches travellers and locals based on their personality profiles and interests. Believing in the famous research that people never need more than 7 choices, each traveller is individually matched to 7 locals and then books a travel activity with one of them.

The idea behind is simple: like-minded people are certain to have memorable experiences together, sometimes even turning into a friendship. Our best travel memories are almost always about amazing locals - we just don't know how to meet our like-minded people every time we travel - it is always random and a matter of luck. Now we can in two clicks..

Location: LONDON, United Kingdom

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