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Branded Link Management & Monetization Platform

Clkim is a SaaS platform for URL management including shortening & monetization.
Clkim enables users to do many marketing activities on their links including:
Special redirect (by OS, GEO, A/B test etc)
Segment users via retargeting pixels on click
Monetize traffic via showing full-page interstitial ads that are 100% controllable.
Further Clkim provides advanced link tracking & analytics.
Lastly - the pricing is super competitive. Instead of having to lock 1 year in advance with services like bitly (at $995 / month price tag) Clkim offers monthly plans that start at $10 / day

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Image Upscaler

Image Upscaler
Image Upscaler

Smart tool to upscale image without losing quality.

Image Upscaler is a smart tool to upscale image without losing quality. When we work with image enlargement we usually meet problems with creating new pixels that have been added. Standard approach gives a blur effect in the image, if we estimate pixels as average of neighbouring pixels. And in that case the image looks like a stretched image and it has a blur effect.

Location: kyiv, ukraine

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Image Upscaler Latest Tweets

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