Coffee Kreis vs LoopVOC

Coffee Kreis

Coffee Kreis
Coffee Kreis

Giving coffee a second life.

Coffee Kreis recycles used coffee grounds from hotels, restaurants and coffee shops and repurpose them into sustainable, reusable and durable coffee cups.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, United States

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Loop helps SaaS companies keep growth strategies relevant based on real-time customer feedback.

Traditional market research is dying. Customer feedback is growing at an overwhelming pace. And SaaS companies are more than ever competing on their ability to respond. Without access to customer feedback, we cannot change, we cannot grow, and we are destined to fail.

Loop is voice of the customer software designed to revolutionize the way SaaS companies collect, analyze, and respond to feedback from their customers. By combining natural language processing with a simple and affordable experience, Loop provides SaaS companies with real-time access to customer feedback insights, where traditional market research cannot. It's our mission to reduce reliance on surveys by extracting meaningful insights from places where customers are already telling companies what they need on a daily basis (places like support tickets, sales opportunities, and online reviews), so CX and marketing leaders can proactively identify issues impacting retention and sales, and pivot company initiatives to address them.

Location: Charleston, USA

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