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Earthly is a browser extension that offsets CO2 every time you open a new tab.

Earthly is a browser extension that raises money for climate solutions every time you open a new browser tab.

Earthly replaces your default browser tab with a sleek new tab which features beautiful imagery of the planet, daily tips and call to actions about the environment and some unintrusive ad that makes its mission possible.

The vision behind Earthly is to help everyone reduce their impact on their environment by increasing awareness and providing accessible and modern tools to do so.

Location: Berlin, Germany

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The AI platform out of this world to improve all your user’s experience!

Nova analyzes how your users interact with your platform on a normal day basis in order to identify the different patterns and processes they complete. Once Nova has identified these processes, now it can give you useful insights to understand your user's behavior and when Nova identifies that a new user is having any problem, offer them Guided Tour based on the knowledge acquired.

Location: Chihuahua, Mexico

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