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Convert for FREE your original PDF Book into an App! is a new app, that allows you to convert your original work in PDF format, in a Mobile App, ready to publish!

You can upload any original work, in PDF format, no technical knowledge is needed, and the website will automatically convert it's content into an Mobile App.

For your Apple users, also allows you to enable the web version of the book, so your mobile users can directly consume your content from the Web and iOS users can add it to their home screen as an app (this is called, a PWA app).

Apart from your PDF content, you can also add extra content to your app, to offer a more rich experience for your readers:

-> Add extra pages with images, videos & text!
-> Add your social media, as Instagram posts, facebook posts & page!
-> Add Google Forms, to have a direct contact with your audience!

Convert your original PDF To an App, for FREE, NOW!

Location: Wilmington, United States

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Public bookmarks storage of your Favoritish links.

Public bookmarks storage of your Favoritish links, where you can share interesting things you’ve found on the WEB.

All the posts and collections are public and available for everyone, you can build your own links catalog in seconds, and never worry about losing valuable information anymore. Your friends and followers can enjoy your finds anytime.

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