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draglet GmbH

draglet GmbH
draglet GmbH

Draglet is a blockchain software company, specialized in developing customized Blockchain applications for enterprises.

Draglet is a software company that offers bitcoin exchange software to help its users easily start their own white label, digital currency exchange platforms. The company works to increase cryptocurrency usage by enabling instant crypto conversion for the world. It creates a firm network of gateways into the crypto economy by deploying white label digital currency exchanges. Draglet implements the Distributed Shared Orderbook (DSO) specification which enables its users to connect their exchanges with a global network of crypto exchanges.

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GameDriver is automated testing for Gaming and XR applications

GameDriver is the first patented out-of-the-box automated testing solution for Immersive Experiences (XR and Gaming). Testing for Immersive Experiences today can be slow, error-prone, and repetitive, preventing developers and testers from exploring the full capabilities of their creations. Designed to be portable across engines, with cross-platform capabilities, GameDriver provides concrete benefits in efficiency to test quicker, test more often, deliver more actionable feedback to development teams, and a standard approach to testing across different devices and configurations to ensure a consistent user experience with each and every build and release.

Location: California, USA

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