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Turn your Google Calendar into a Gantt chart

I created GANTTplanner for everyone who is using Google Calendar to manage their projects. GANTTplanner visualizes your calendar as a simple Gantt chart. The nice thing about that? It enables you to group events and look at them with a unified timeline. It makes it much easier to see what is happening at every stage of your project. You can find dependencies at a glance and discover blockers much faster.

Gantt charts do support different zoom levels (hour-years). Events can directly be added and modified inside the Gantt and it is possible to assign each event a task progress. The result can be shared with other users or be exported to PDF/Image.

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The first dating app EVER based on chemistry

We are creating the most challenging & epic dating app. It's going to be the first time that people will feel and experience a real-life
dating situation, on mobile. We don't use algorithms or computers. We use real chemistry. And above all, it will be fun...

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