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A StumbleUpon clone for discovering new websites and pictures that aren't easily found through Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Gimmeserendipity will help you discover new websites and photos that you didn't know existed on the Internet, weren't shared by your friends on social media, and didn't even think of searching for in the search engines. After you've been presented with a website or photo, you can rate it from 1-5 stars. Our app uses machine learning to understand your preferences and will present you with a more personalized selection over time.

Location: Dallas, United States

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Create and send modern call sheets for film and television productions.

SetHero is a cloud-based tool that empowers filmmakers to build, send and track beautiful and professional call sheets.
Do you enjoy watching movies? Almost everyone does. But what many people don't realize is how complicated producing a film can be: scripts must be broken down, schedules drafted, shot lists created, and so much more. Countless hours are wasted in Excel trying to keep the information up-to-date. The creativity of thousands of filmmakers is getting buried under the stress of production.

SetHero is here to save the day! As a cloud-based software, SetHero takes the stress out of film production by allowing teams to easily build their daily schedules (i.e. call sheets) online and then publish those call sheets to cast and crew via email, text, and print. Filmmakers can track who has viewed and confirmed their call time, making follow-up a breeze! SetHero empowers filmmakers to escape the stress of production, freeing them to focus on what they do best: making movies.

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