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Build high-quality HTML forms in minutes --- we have the Form Backend

Receive form submissions and send auto-response emails via a form on your website – without writing a backend.

It's perfect for WordPress, Netlify, Vercel, Github Pages, or any static site.

Headlessforms provides form endpoints as a service so your simple sites can stay simple. Capturing form submissions has never been this hassle-free.

Headlessforms is a backend tool that enables online form creators to receive respondents’ submissions in real-time without the need for code or other infrastructure.

Add the Headlessforms Endpoint to your form and you’re done.

You get a user-friendly dashboard for your clients, various spam protection options, auto-responders, integration to 1000s of marketing tools, routing and Excel download out of the box, instant notifications, newsletter subscription forms, and more.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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Boost e-commerce conversions with minimum spend using AI

MARS enables marketers to send a fine-tuned discount to each customer to boost conversions from a budget, it uses AI to learn & adapt it's discount strategy based on the customers' behavior.
Ecommerce growth teams can now add a budget and a list of offers for a campaign audience and MARS will begin to recommend the right offer for each user based on their past and current behaviour.

The growth goals you can achieve with MARS today:
- Reduce Cart Abandonment
- Increase the number of Repeat Orders
- Increase Activation of New Users
- Increase Retention of Loyal Users

Location: San Francisco , United States

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