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Copy Rocket
Copy Rocket

Copy Rocket AI is the first AI tool made by professional copywriters. We have the best AI email marketing tools on the web.

At Copy Rocket, our goal is to create the most engaging and highly converting copy using AI. In general, getting good quality copy from AI is hard. So we've scoured the web to create the highest quality copy possible. Our platform is made by professional copywriters, for copywriters, marketers and business owners to write great copy.

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Get well, better

Heal is like Uber, but for doctors. We know how hard it is for busy families to get themselves or their kids to the doctor’s office. The traffic, parking and wait times turn a 10-minute appointment into a half-day hassle.

Heal offers high-quality, unhurried medical care for adults and kids in the privacy, comfort and cleanliness of their own home. Heal is concierge medicine, on demand – a house call doctor for everyone. Here's how it works:

1) Request an independent, licensed pediatrician or family doctor right from your iPhone.
2) The doctor comes to your home in under an hour, for only $99. No hidden fees.
3) Doctors are available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily, including weekends.
4) Payment is simple - enter your credit card and it's charged right after your visit
5) You'll receive a full medical summary within 24 hours

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