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Buy/Sell Crypto worldwide, 24/7 using your debit/credit card now.

CRYPTO FISH facilitates the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies worldwide through an online and mobile user interface specifically designed to take the complexity out of the whole process.

FISH stands for Financial Intelligence Serving Humanity. The founders and team are dedicated to ensuring that all can partake in the digital revolution without the complex barriers of tedious on-boarding, payment difficulties and limited countries of service, by being available 24/7 globally, paying with ease using debit or credit card.

We cater to beginners and advanced users of cryptocurrency and offer a variety of digital assets.

CRYPTO FISH has partnered and aligned with pioneers of the cryptocurrency industry and we are founded on the principles of reliability and trust.

We pay the utmost attention to detail and apply best practices in the industry with reference to privacy, transfer and security.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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isitfed Wi-Fi scanner

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner
isitfed Wi-Fi scanner

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner is a small gadget that discovers nearby Wi-Fi devices.

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner is a small gadget that discovers nearby Wi-Fi devices, such as phones and notebook computers. The discovered information is stored in Google Cloud, and is accessible to you through a real-time web interface from a link with a secuirty code you get with your purchase.

The scanner is sold from our shop on Etsy for $39, with free shipping in the U.S. Access to the basic activity information is included with the purchase of the scanner; access to the more detailed activity information requires a subscription for $9 per month.

Location: Palo Alto, United States

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isitfed Wi-Fi scanner Latest Tweets

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