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We give students an up close view of any career in order to help them find their career path.

Professionals create "Career Excursions" by listing a phone call, video call, lunch, or on-campus visit so career seekers can learn about the professional's career. Each career excursion costs money, but the proceeds go to charity. The professional helps career seekers find a great career, donate to charity, and help share their company with others, while the career seeker finds a career they will love the rest of their lives. It's a win win!

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OrchidBox is a mini smart terrarium that you can put anywhere.

OrchidBox is a self-contained automated environment for plants that you can put anywhere. OrchidBox uses real, precision, horticulture-grade components that work, allowing you to grow even the most difficult-to-grow plants like miniature orchids and venus fly traps. Water only twice per month.

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