FOX‘em Crowdsourcing GmbH vs Kilo

FOX‘em Crowdsourcing GmbH

FOX‘em Crowdsourcing GmbH
FOX‘em Crowdsourcing GmbH

With the idea management platform every company can profit from the wisdom of the worldwide crowd. is an online platform on which small, medium and large companies publish their challenges, problems and questions and receive ideas, solutions and best practices from their own employees and thanks to digitization from a worldwide crowd. not only raises the gold in employees' minds with a method inspired by Harvard Business School, but also integrates customers and suppliers, expert networks, universities, research institutes, unconventional thinkers and creative minds into the idea-finding process.

Basically, everyone is invited to become part of the largest brain in the world - most important is that he or she is open to sharing his or her knowledge, is interested in challenges and wants to make a contribution.

For good ideas, crowd members receive rewards, the best idea is rewarded extraordinarily.

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The social content pipeline for storytellers

Kilo is a product formed by Vulcan, a creative team with a track-record of secretly creating billion-dollar software products and the modern highlights of tech for Amazon, Intel, Serverless, and more.

The current state of social networking is a tangle of toxicity and noise. We make intelligent, easy-to-use tools to cut out the cruft, for those who approach social as marketers.

Location: Londonderry, United States of America

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