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EventsHigh is an events marketplace that brings all events at one place with a personalized view.

EventsHigh is an events marketplace that brings ALL events from various sources at one place and helps users to find relevant events based on their location, interest, availability and social network. With our mobile app, users can discover events on the go by seeing what's happening around them on a map. Users also get alerted whenever a relevant event comes up based on their interest, location or via invitation from friends.
Event organizers can use our platform to target the right audience based on user interests and geolocation, incentivize users to share with their friends and maximize the overall turnout for the event.

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A social intelligence platform for influencers marketing, social monitoring and competitive research

Klear is a social intelligence platform. We measure the social web and let brands utilize our social monitoring, influencer marketing and competitive research tools to do smarter marketing.

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