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Loopin is the new age calendar – to plan and act through the day. Tasks, Meetings, Notes, Ideas – an intelligent calendar that does it all.

Loopin is a productivity tool to efficiently manage your workday. Time is your most valuable asset. If you don’t take charge of your time, others will. Calendars are outdated and do not support modern-day workflows. Loopin is here to fix that!> Capture notes, tasks, ideas conveniently organized on a timeline
> Notes connected to meetings. Recap notes to easily switch context in back-to-back meetings
> Block time and track tasks straight from your calendar
> Automate follow-ups and status updates
> Integrates with popular work apps

Location: Redmond, United States

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RamSync is the first intuitive knowledge management system, designed to quickly build your note database through connected thoughts.

RamSync takes visual knowledge management to the next level. Connect, organizes and visualizes ideas by unleashing the power of automatic mind maps and networked graphics. Built by researchers, RamSync is fast and powerful, supporting learning and creativity.

Networked mind maps are automatically built and easily modified either in-text or visually. Teams can collaborate by sharing collections of notes, allowing for group management of a knowledge base. By leveraging graph algorithms, we provide structure to non-structured thoughts, ensuring users never lose an idea or miss out on inspiration.

Location: Bozeman, United States

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