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A fast and simple way to visualize your story

MakeStoryboard allows filmmakers to focus on creativity by resolving time-consuming and communication storyboarding processes.

MakeStoryboard provides a built-in application and several useful tools for quickly creating storyboards. If you are a creator, video maker, screenwriter, content manager, or author of graphic or script ideas, you will need a convenient assistant to create a frame-by-frame draft of your future project.

Location: Munchen, Germany

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Reader Mode

Reader Mode
Reader Mode

Remove clutter and ads from any article. Instantly ⚡

Reader Mode - a distraction-free reader with dyslexia support. This feature-packed Chrome reading extension comes with Text annotating, Text-to-speech and support for people with dyslexia. It extracts the main content from any article and present it in a nice, distraction-free "Reader Mode"

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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