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MaxSpotter optimizes cloud workloads and reduces bills up to 90%.

MaxSpotter dynamically allocates spot instances for maximum capacity with minimum costs and interruption rates among different instance types, regions and availability zones. MaxSpotter integrates customer’s infrastructure with minimum requirements of user access policies and automates all the lifecycle management of mixed instance types (on-demand, spot) seamlessly. Thus, Maxspotter continuously optimizes cloud workloads and provides up to 90% cost savings by utilizing spot instances without any service interruption.

Location: Ankara, Turkey

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Thirtymin is the fastest and easiest way to connect with people that can inspire you, help build your business or broaden your horizons.

Thirtymin makes it simple & easy to connect celebrities with fans, investors with visionaries, and industry leaders with new talent. Post your availability or book a meeting in-person or online with someone of interest. The choice is yours, what will you do with Thirtymin?

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