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Fully test your mobile app in every build with minimal effort

Apptim empowers software testers, developers, and even product owners to easily test their mobile apps and analyze their performance to prevent any critical issues from going live.

Measure app render times, power consumption, resource usage, capture crashes and more on Android and iOS devices.

Apptim is the only mobile performance testing tool for both iOS and Android native apps that allows users to analyze app performance trends over time without the need to install an SDK or make any changes to the code.

Get your first test results in less than 5 minutes and compare the performance between multiple app versions. Try Apptim for free today and release with confidence.

Location: California, USA

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Nerd Out App

Nerd Out App
Nerd Out App

A mobile nerd community and event calendar app!

It's a community of nerds! It's all about sharing and attending events with nerds like you! By using a calendar app where you can list and discover events and locations! Events are updated 5 days a week. Nerd Out is the ONLY place for all nerdy events. Listing events like Comic Con, Lightsaber Battles, Geeks Who Drink, Tabletop gaming, Screenings, Trivia & more!

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