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We are like Instagram for music.

Noted is a social music discovery platform that combines social and algorithm-based discovery to create a smarter way for friends to share and discover music together. It's a social stream of good music curated by people you know.

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R Strategic

R Strategic
R Strategic

A Strategic research firm decoding the fourth Industrial revolution.Socially, Legally & Economically in today’s technological world.

R Strategic connotes research for strategic consulting. The notion behind the very existence of r strategic is to bridge the gap between think tanks and the research fraternity for stakeholders of the fourth industrial revolution to simplify complex problems in today’s interconnected world. The invention of internet followed by the surge in smartphones adaption has paved way for an industrial revolution which will not only be driven by manufacturing but also services. As a strategic research firm, we firmly believe that sustainable growth can be attained by firstly mitigating threats and then conquering the opportunities.

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