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Track Amazon Organic Rankings - Find Out What Marketing Works & What Sucks

An Amazon tracking software that allows Amazon sellers to track and monitor their organic keyword positions on a daily basis without manually having to search. Organic positions are one of the most important KPI's for sellers, so we wanted to ensure we built this out to allow sellers to do this automatically. At a later date we will be adding a definitive Amazon keyword research tool to our product line too.

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Ondular Music

Ondular Music
Ondular Music

Ondular Music is the go-to platform for professional music cataloging and publishing

Many emerging artists struggle to gain exposure and monetize their work, which can make it difficult for them to sustain their careers and make a lasting impact on the world through their art. Ondular Music aims to address this problem by supporting and empowering emerging artists who are making a positive impact on society through their work. By providing access to resources, support, and a transparent and fair platform for sharing and monetizing their art, we hope to help these artists overcome the challenges they face and reach their full potential. Through our efforts, we aim to promote social awareness and positive change, and to make a lasting impact on the world through the power of art.

Location: Aguada, United States

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