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KePSLA provides a host of Business Intelligence Solutions for Hotels & OTAs that includes : Reputation Management, Metasearch , Content Marketing, and Guest Messaging Solutions.

Built utilizing NLP & AI, our cloud software platforms provide added value to Hotels & OTAs. We have a Customer Success team that is dedicated to helping you grow your business!

Our main offerings include:
- Review Intelligence (Gives an in-depth analysis of online reviews by understanding guest sentiments)
- Feedback management (That collects surveys in each step of the guest journey ) and a Travel search recommendation engine (That delivers personalized search results to the appropriate traveler persona)

Location: Banglore, India

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OnPage Champ

OnPage Champ
OnPage Champ

OnPage Champ - Your Ultimate Tool for Easier & Predictable On-Page SEO

OnPage Champ is a SaaS-based tool that helps you execute your SEO campaign ( wrt on-page SEO), real fast.

Highly recommended for growth focussed digital marketers, OnPage Champ is an everyday go-to tool that will help you dig out on-page SEO opportunities by analysing top ranking web pages for more than 25+ on-page parameters with just a click of a button.

Within 30 seconds, you can unveil your competitor’s SEO strategy for any ‘keyword + location’ combination. These insights can help you build your own SEO campaign by adopting the best practices of top ranking URLs.

This tool will lessen your research burden and give you time to focus more on real implementation.

Location: Chandigarh, India

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