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OptiLingo empowers language-learners to reach fluency by showing them that they were never the problem, their methods were.

You focus on speaking high-frequency words and phrases while using spaced repetition systems that help you learn a language without boring drills or memorization. It’s a stress-free, hand-free language learning app. Choose from 20 languages.

Location: Chicago, United States

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Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports
Trademate Sports

We find value in betting markets and help you beat the bookmakers

Trademate is the ultimate tool for new and professional sports traders. We calculate the true odds of a sports event and signal when the bookies misprice their odds. Enabling you to exploit their mistakes. Since 2016, our customers have made a net proft of €4,2M from 2,3M bets. With an avg. ROI per € wagered of 2.5%. Check out our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwb59a_gp2TmoeJgl6xTHOg

Location: Oslo, Norway

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