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Micro-crowdfunding platform to build MVPs.

LaunchLeader is a micro-crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs to rally supporters and raise startup money for their MVPs in order to overcome the 90% crowdfunding failure rate. The unique fundraising design is set up like a wedding registry wish list so donors can back specific startup tools, e.g. video, logo, social media ads. LaunchLeader is positioned as a pre-Kickstarter/Indiegogo or pre-accelerator crowdfunding platform when friends and family are your main supporters.

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PCL Health

PCL Health
PCL Health

Revolutionising elderly care with innovative technology

PCL Health is a connected remote health monitoring care and health analytics ecosystem to empower the independent lifestyle and wellbeing of older adults using innovative technology. Our platform engages seniors with their care circle and allows sharing day-to-day vital measurements to see health trends and pick up deteriorations before they become severe.

Location: London, united kingdom

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