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Introducing Ellpā„¢, A New Device Helper

Ellpā„¢ looks forward to introducing ā€˜personalized task automationā€™ through a downloadable program that empowers users with the right tools to make automating day-to-day tasks simple, fun and free! Inspired by the If-this-then-that concept applied to connect apps, Ellp used simple logic to automate tasks that are specifically carried out on peopleā€™s devices - simplifying technology for everyone. Ellp Beta Version will be available to the public pretty soon. The product will first be available on Windows with the aim to launch Ellp on Android and iOS / Mac in 2017.

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Periscope Case

Periscope Case
Periscope Case

The Poor Man's GoPro. Just use the camera you already own.


Periscope Case allows the use of your smartphone for action photography. The case snaps to your phone and straps to just about anything. Us the mirrors to change the angle of your camera allowing it to be at a convenient angle. For us casual action photographers, there's no need to fork out for a GoPro. Just use what you already own.

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