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Dealtale helps marketing, sales, and customers success teams analyze customer journeys at scale and create data-driven revenue processes.

Dealtale helps marketing, sales, and customer success teams analyze their customers' journeys at scale. Our proprietary technology and platform collects, analyzes, optimizes, and monitors all customer touchpoints, streamlines them into one customer data center, and lets you create data-driven, customer-centric revenue processes.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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Superior statistics for 10x faster decision making in marketing analytics (free)

QuantifyNow is a free, fully automated statistics and experimentation engine for marketing teams that provides rock-solid, actionable learnings from your existing marketing data.

By leveraging Bayesian statistics, QuantifyNow enables you to A/B/n test your media strategies, partners, targeting, ads, creatives, product ideas, and any other aspect of your marketing or campaigns instantly, without the need to involve data scientists. Connect your marketing data sources, like Facebook, or upload your data via spreadsheet and instantly learn from your data.

QuantifyNow is a freemium version of our flagship product Quantify. No registration or credit card required.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

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