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Litt App

Litt App
Litt App

Litt connects you with people who live in your neighborhood that have share similar values and interests with you.

In a world where humans are constantly interacting with other humans through screens and keyboards, Litt was created to counteract that culture, with the aim of getting you to toss your phone aside for a moment and live in the real world.

Litt is an app that allows people living in the same neighbourhood find and attend events happening around them while giving them the ability to create their own meetups too.

Using Litt, Steffany creates an event for people who like Game of Thrones and Jack from down the street could request an invite. And before the day of the event, he could start conversations with other people going to the same event right from the app. So when he arrives, he already has friends he can talk to and people who can introduce him with other people too.

Location: New York, United States

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QuantifyNow is a free, fully automated statistics and experimentation engine for marketing teams that provides rock-solid, actionable learnings from your existing marketing data.

By leveraging Bayesian statistics, QuantifyNow enables you to A/B/n test your media strategies, partners, targeting, ads, creatives, product ideas, and any other aspect of your marketing or campaigns instantly, without the need to involve data scientists. Connect your marketing data sources, like Facebook, or upload your data via spreadsheet and instantly learn from your data.

QuantifyNow is a freemium version of our flagship product Quantify. No registration or credit card required.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

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