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Review the physical world around you!

Revstance is an online platform that allows you to rate and review restaurants, cafes, bars and anything else that has a physical location.

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Why Helpdesk System is Required for Doing Business?

At first, let us understand what a helpdesk system. Basically it is a helpdesk software that collects all your customer support requests from various channels and then manages it into one unified platform. It uses a help desk software that can resolve customer issues efficiently by simply automating complaint resolution process with ticket management. In this way, the company will get more satisfied customers which means more revenue. Without a proper help desk system or a help desk software, a company can miserably fail to satisfy its customers. Wowdesk is a revolutionary help desk software. It is integrated with a powerful workflow engine. With the professional help of Wowdesk, now the business houses can take right measures to achieve the goals of delighting their customers. Agent productivity can also be improved with their excellent customer service and technology solution.

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