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Hyvor Talk

Hyvor Talk
Hyvor Talk

The best commenting platform for your website

Hyvor Talk is a privacy-focused, fully-customizable, and affordable commenting platform for websites. It comes with an in-built reactions plugin.

Location: Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

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Live Public Transport In Your Pocket

Trains, buses and everything else - Ride is a simple and practical real-time public transport app for all travelers from tourists to commuters.
Ride transforms the complicated and daunting task of navigating your way through London and distills it into really simple, easily digestible pieces. For example, you can quickly add a widget to your phone to see what buses will be arriving outside your hotel. Or you can add a widget to see if there are any delays on the train line you need to use. You can even get notified when the delays go away.
It's not just for today either, you can plan journeys and even check for planned engineering works any time from now up until 6 months in the future!
There are many other delightful experiences contained within the app, such as a "live" map that actually shows the trains trundling their way to their destination and an Apple Watch app that shows you at a glance how long until your last train home.
The app is currently being featured in the UK App Store (both the iOS App Store and the Apple Watch App Store).

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