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Choosing a name for your startup? Test it with actual people in 20+ countries to avoid hurting your brand!

Nimi is an online service for people who are choosing a name for a company, product, or brand. We help them avoid poor name choices than can hurt their business either at home or abroad, by finding how people across 20+ countries react to names.

In today's competitive globalized economy, weak brand names can lead to slow growth, brand damage, and even litigation. Starbucks named its new drink Cascara after a laxative, and Disney’s last movie Moana shares the name with an Italian porn star!

Our crowdsourced analysis of brand names prevents roadblocks like that. We deliver insights about linguistic, emotional, and competitive issues - helping founders succeed by making better, safer decisions about their startup brand identity.

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Shop Scenes

Shop Scenes
Shop Scenes

Save time and earn money shopping women's plus size fashion sales with Shop Scenes

Shop Scenes offers one-stop shopping for women's plus size fashion. We save time by showing the best women's plus size sales in one place.

We'll even shop for you - just sign-up and create an alert for what you're looking for and we'll email you when we find a potential match on sale.

Shop Scenes even pays users who create looks (we call them "Scenes") whenever someone purchases a product from the Scene.

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