PPC Protect vs Simply People

PPC Protect

PPC Protect
PPC Protect

We stop click fraud, you increase profit.

PPC Protect helps PPC advertisers stop click fraud on their adverts. Currently, 1 in 4 PPC clicks are fraudulent (Pixalate, 2017), which costs businesses billions a year. Our cloud-based software actively detects and blocks fraudsters from clicking adverts with its unique algorithm. This helps advertisers save thousands every year while increasing their ROI and reducing their CPA.

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Simply People

Simply People
Simply People

A platform for occupational health providers to network, generate new business & upskill their teams

Having spent the past 15 years working in various occupational health roles and businesses, our founder Danny Clarke’s frustrations with the industry peaked and he decided something needed to change.

Industry memberships that deliver very little, misspent marketing efforts, countless days searching for associates and prospecting the ‘wrong’ clients, and thousands spent on poor quality training. Growing a business in this industry is painful!

The solution. We are building it - Simply People.

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

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