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Boost your website, boost your sales

By modifying the code of your website, we accelerate the loading time of your website. Loafing time is really important in this world which is more and more numerical.

More time on a website, more visitors, more buyers, more sales.

Let’s take a quick example:

You make 1000 sales each hour.

In an hour, there are 3600 seconds.

1000/3600 = 0.28 sales per seconds

Now, let’s say that your website takes 2s to load (which is the average).

It means that in an hour you lose 504 sales. In a day, you lose 12 096 sales and in a year, you lose 4 415 040 sales.

Location: Paris, France

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the ultimate sports app

Sleeper is sports news and highlights — together.

Ever been to a football stadium or basketball arena and felt the excitement of the crowd? Sleeper is a lot like that. We show you the most important sports news and highlights in real-time and allow you to chat about it with other fans.

The most popular messages are sorted to the top within seconds of news breaking, so you can see what other fans think. It may even be your message that everyone falls in love with!

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