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Desk track

Desk track
Desk track

Employee monitoring & time tracking software

DeskTrack is an employee monitoring software designed to assist companies in capturing and tracking the time spent by their employees on the activities they do at work. It analyzes how productive employees are, thus, maintaining good and efficient work practices.

This employee productivity management solution records the number of hours spent by employees on whitelisted applications, mobile applications, websites, emails, and project-related documents and files. Then, it enables users to gain insights into employees’ productive and unproductive hours, identify inefficient work practices, and discover ways of boosting employee productivity.

DeskTrack comes with a mobile application that permits users to access employees’ daily timesheets and monitor projects and tasks from anywhere at any time. The software also provides a screen recording feature by which the desktop screens of employees are captured whenever they are spending their time on unproductive activities.

Location: Foster City, USA

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Tripoli is an innovative platform, enabling travelers to create smart itinerary, book guides, shop and dine at the best places.

Triptoli is a travel website which assists in planning a travel to a destination. It provides with itinerary planning tool with smart suggestions and accuracy based on real time information. Smart itinerary provides the user with location-based content.

Triptoli has a group of most knowledgeable tour guides. Users can directly book tour guides through the website and Triptoli mobile application at a very reasonable rate. Various shopping and dining coupons can be redeemed, enabling the user to shop and dine at the most authentic and reputed places.

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