Pony Gear vs ViaClouds

Pony Gear

Pony Gear
Pony Gear

Poképreneur and other startup related t-shirts.

Pony Gear creates high-quality t-shirts and apparel around the Pokémon Go craze. Additionally, Pony Gear includes a variety of other motivational gear.

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Want to Teach or Learn any topic, from any smart device?

Imagine a site where you could Teach anything you know and monetize your knowledge without having to create a website for it?

Imagine a site where you could Learn anything and speak directly to your teachers?

ViaClouds.com is launching, it is a learning hub where Learners and Teachers interact via videos and live classes. Live classes can either be private tutoring classes or webinar classes with up to 200 participants.

Teachers charge the prices they want for their classes. We do the marketing and provide the platform. Learners rate the Teachers and provide feedback for prospective learners.

ViaClouds.com is accessible from any smart device.

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