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smart BTC

smart BTC
smart BTC

We allow people to create python smart contracts that send bitcoin.

The platform that facilitates centralized Bitcoin Smart Contracts, as in contracts written entirely in python code. A smart contract is considered fulfilled when the "def contract()" python method returns True. The contract will be executed periodically until it is fullfiled or it expires.

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Redefine Profitability With The World’s Easiest & Most Popular Video Animation Software

Vidtoon™ is a 2D video animation software with unique animated characters, a great selection of background images, and much more exciting features to excel in animation video making. From text to speech feature, to music, icons, gifs, the transition between slides, zoom effects, and various text animations, vidtoon™ has it all! The best part is, you can now create up to 25 min video duration and only for $49.

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

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