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Let's show 🚀 trending sites with growth from 30% per month!

Pandawa Computer & Setting

Our company is engaged in computer services & photo graphics

Konveksi Surabaya

Dijahit, Disablon, Dibordir Dengan CINTA


Digital, Gamified Career Planning Tool

Foody Cari Makan

Foody Cari Makan is Indonesia food and beverage marketplace like the OLX concept (everyone can sell products easily) combined with Zomato (store information features, menus, reviews, delivery by selle

The Design Story

The design story is a weblog for cutting-edge news and development in architecture and design, and a curated shop of design products.

Find your next home in Indonesia


We are a new tech hardware startup focusing on Everyday Lifestyle Smart Gadget based in Indonesia Jakarta as there are very limited startup here that focused on tech hardware like us.


Free design & photo resources for your projects.

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