Top Startups in Jordan

Carter & Clyde

Carter & Clyde is a dorm shopping site, dedicated to solving the sub-par dorm shopping experience many first-year college students face.


Organize your tabs into sessions


Empowering Users to become true Owners of the internet

Open Lowcode

A flexible and free rapid application framework for enterprise

Rakuten RapidAPI

Rakuten Rapid API - World's Largest API Discovery & Integration Platform


Automated topic and sentiment analysis for Zendesk and Intercom

Epixel Solutions

Premium solutions for network marketing business

Icons8 Lunacy

Free graphic design software with built-in design resources.

Keeni Space

Transforming operating procedures into workflows


Our API helps in real time validation of emails to help businesses accept only valid emails


Empower your daily email activity with professional email signature

Loop Email

Your team's new inbox!

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