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Connect multiple accounts from all your key digital platforms with a couple of clicks.


One-stop service for Video ads production in 24 hours with fix price.

Name Generator Online

One Click name Generator for your startup business, novels, game characters and babies


Top Selling Airbnb Clone Solution


Find actionable growth tips for indie founders, makers and curious leaders without wasting time on blogs.


Marpipe is the first platform that enables multivariate testing for ad creative - empowering your creative performance with data.

KwickBox - The Digital CV Revolution

Easily create and control who can access your online CV website

Stella Center

The Stella Center offers relief to trauma–related symptoms through the Stellate Ganglion Block procedure.

Tonic Health

High dose immunity drink


Fast and simple way to create and manage feature-rich websites just using the data in GoogleSheets

Hi5 Technologies

Unlock company culture with ongoing recognition and feedback.

North Loop

Borderless banking, open account anywhere in the world in minutes. Transfer money, get no fee ATM cards and no extra fee for anything. Like banking should be!

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