Top Startups in Tanzania

Intermax Pty Ltd

From barcode scanners and printers to networking and automation solutions, we’ve got everything you need to supercharge productivity.


Easily broadcast live streams to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and up to 45 platforms simultaneously

Thread Creator

The best way to schedule Twitter threads

Surname Ranker

Surname Ranker is free online tool that checks how surnames rank in the U.S. census.

Snowhouse Studio

Unlimited. Design. Fast.

Rigid Box Sivakasi

RBS - The city's oldest and finest Rigid Box manufacturers supplying thousands of boxes daily across the country and even overseas.

Social NFT

An online NFT marketplace for influencers and their followers. Create+Mint= make money off your likeness.


Leplace connects people and places with the most interactive mobile game.


The ultimate social event planner app for real-life meetups!

Social Jazz

Businesses use Social Jazz to keep their social media active by easily adding topics and events from a catalog, which are then automatically created, branded, and published as posts.


Redefine Profitability With The World’s Easiest & Most Popular Video Animation Software


Think Reddit meets Snapchat

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