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The zero-odor, germ-freezing waste bin.

Cove Identity

Cove is your privacy-centric, secure digital vault.

VOLTS Battery

Volts Battery Ltd. is an innovative company that develops and manufactures home energy storage devices for the home.


Descent Cloud(less) file transfer application provides users with privacy by utilizing latest peer-to-peer crypto mesh technology.


Objectbox is an embedded database and synchronization solution designed uniquely for IoT and Mobile


Helps to make publishing and searching the past meetups info easier.


Secure private communication and exchange of confidential information for your team, your clients and partners.

vertoe inc

vertoe luggage storage service


Lugelo is a secure, user-friendly web and mobile-based online journal app capable of doubling as a private journal, blog, scrapbook, storybook and biography.


One Platform For All Your Mission Critical Communications

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