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Top Compliance Startups

Shield FC

Shield’s Proactive Compliance Hub automates and optimizes compliance tasks across Structured & Unstructured Data

Syslink Xandria

Manage. Analyze. Monitor. Complete SAP Landscape Control

Direct Software

Direct Software is Europe's first email automation software which will use direct marketing to vastly increase sales whilst staying GDPR compliant.


We Made Legal at your FingerTips

BlackHouse Legal

Blockchain advisory and investment law firm for startups and established companies launching blockchain projects.


We remove bias from the hiring process.

CloudHawk - A Complete View of your Cloud Security Posture for AWS


The smart HR software for small and medium businesses.


Automated Host Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement


Paybase is the payments platform that transforms your business, making payments part of your value proposition instead of a painful afterthought.

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