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A data-driven dashboard to discover, manage, secure and comply your SaaS subscription.

Customs City

Global Customs Platform


Privatica is a customers data management platform, designed to manage customers, leads and visitors data while also offering features to respect visitor privacy rules such as GDPR.


Manage Your Cookies The Right Way

Cossack Labs

Convenient data security tools for modern infrastructures


Threatcare is a full service cybersecurity company that offers a breach and attack simulation platform called Violet, and subscription services that include penetration testing and incident response.


Threatcare’s AI cybersecurity platform “Violet” is a virtual Purple Team, offering security monitoring through intrusion simulations.


Nobody eliminates 401(k) cost, risk, and work like we do.

Checkout by Octobat

No coding, no struggling with taxes, just a better payment experience

Helping small businesses comply with health and safety law.

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