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Accelerated and Personalized assistance to your Customers in One-Click with OneChat.


Email lead generation made as simple as search

Intentive technologies

Kommunicate is a human+bot hybrid platform for real-time, proactive, and personalized support for growing businesses.

MiloTree Easy Payments

MiloTree Easy Payments sell memberships, workshops, coaching, and services in under 15 minutes!


Online marketing strategy


Easily broadcast live streams to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and up to 45 platforms simultaneously

Other Perspectives IO

Competitor Social Media Analytics


Optimize Google and Facebook Ads collaboratively


You can’t cater to your customers 24×7 but BotPenguin can!

Puccini Lala Eco & Wellness Resort

Puccini Lala Eco & Wellness Resort is the only vegan resort in Varkala with rooms

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