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Smart Answers

Get Smart. Get Answers. Get Smart Answers.


An award-winning, end-to-end, machine learning solution with modules around transaction monitoring & names screening.


Tookitaki combines machine learning, distributed systems, and business expertise to create the building blocks of sustainable compliance management.


Get more value out of your blog by automatically creating a podcast, YouTube videos, and audio to embed on your site.

Size Wise

Size Wise is a personal sizing recommendation platform. It helps shoppers connect directly with brands based on their body measurements to find clothing in the correct size.

NeuronSW SE

Protecting machines using sound and AI

Expertrec site search

ExpertRec helps you to build a internal site search for your website in 5 minutes without any coding.


Accessible AI for Everyong

Amaze PXM

Industry's first PIM, DAM, data syndication platform on cloud


Data quality platform

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